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Do you struggle to discover your purpose? Well, luckily you are not alone. The key to discovering your purpose lies within you through your dreams, passions and goals in life.

Finding oneself is the greatest achievement in life. It leads to a realization of passions, dreams and creates a sense of responsibility on a personal level. Personal growth occur when you decide to go beyond your limits, and as said, the only limits there is ,are the one we create in our mind.

Living a purpose-driven life will make you more happy and helpful to the world. The ability to shift from one perspective of understanding to another saves the most essential element of life, time. When you develop the power of cognition and live your dreams through insights derived from successful people, Lifestancemotivation achieves its purpose.

‘First seek the kingdom of heaven and the rest will be added onto you’ – The kingdom, exists in our minds and tapping into it brings prosperity beyond measure. Did you know you have the ability to create your future by changing your mindset today?

To affirm a great statement from Bob Proctor,” Success is 5% strategy and 95% mindset”, I focus on helping you enhance the mindset and imagine everything as possible. If you can have it in your head, you can hold it on your hand.

Consider life as driving on the highway. when you know where you are going, you move on the fast lane and progress rapidly. Without a destination in mind, you use the slow lane looking for an exit from the highway- results from decision.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:1. We are looking forward to an adventurous world by availing tips and experiences to help you view tomorrow as a better future through intellectual thinking to attract abundance into your life. Daily tips to modify lifestyles for the better and explore our passions dominate the main mission at Lifestance.


Personal development aids in understanding what purpose governs your life. I believe in a world where you can achieve your life purpose because it helps you live with passion. When you find a purpose, aspects of your life change. Find your passion and live the ideal life for yourself because it is not until then that you become free from your self-imposed limits.

Personal growth comes from realizing your true purpose. Listen to that small voice in you and live to the full potential. In conclusion, I believe you can engage in smart thinking by tapping into the infinite intelligence and avail a piece for yourself and for others on the table of life.

How You Can Help

Spread the word

Do you know someone who’s not living their purpose? Go ahead and recommend some help. Let them realize the potential hidden in their DNA. Impact a life and experience a change in personal growth.

Create a spark of hope because it will keeps you moving with firmness of purpose.

Change the game.

Are you living your purpose or still dreaming about it? . Realizing your true purpose will make you a game changer and encourage others to live their dreams.

The take is to help you recognize, reenergize and reassure that its possible and necessary for you to go after it.

Give Insights

Every human is authentic and when we share our knowledge, we serve others, embrace life and learn more. Your opinion will help equip others with the conviction to live up to their full potential.

A proof creates authenticity and your word will impact others positively.

My Mission

Every person has a purpose to fulfill in the universe. There is a specific gap that you were born to fill, something you are supposed to do in a way no one else can do it and bring about results only you can. Unless YOU realize your potential and invest in your personal development, the world will always tolerate you. Appreciate the potential within you to live by serving the divine purpose. I aim at igniting the fire from deep within, realigning the imaging faculty of the mind, and creating a better version of humanity.

Awaken the power in you and reveal your purpose. Heighten the genius laying deep within you through living your passion and purpose.

Macharia M.


Recent Causes

“We never fall far from the choices we make.”

Macharia Mwangi.

“When you know your purpose, then you start living”.

Failure and success are both predictable – define your PERSONAL reality.